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ID01 Tibetan Royal Blend Image

ID01 Tibetan Royal Blend
Aromatic with visible golden tips

ID07 Private Reserve Estate Image

ID07 Private Reserve Estate
Private reserve and garden mark.

ID19 Runglee Rungliot Estate - SFTG Image

ID19 Runglee Rungliot Estate - SFTG
This tea possesses an exquisite aroma and flavor, probably attributable to

ID25 Castleton Estate Vintage Lot D Image

ID25 Castleton Estate Vintage Lot D
A truly stunning tea with superb delicious Darjeeling flavor and aroma.

ID30 Green Young Hyson Image

ID30 Green Young Hyson
A unique green darjeeling

IA02 Diksam Estate TGFOP-1 Image
IA03 Towkok Image

IA03 Towkok
Indian Assam

IA04 Bramaputra Image

IA04 Bramaputra
Indian Assam

IA05 Halmari Estate TGFOP-1 Image
IA06 Balijan Estate TGFOP-1 Image
IA07 Dejoo Estate Image

IA07 Dejoo Estate
Indian Assam

IA09 Assam Valley Image

IA09 Assam Valley
Indian Assam

IA11 Sessa Lot #OR81 Image
IN04 Tungamallay Estate FOP Image